Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Psalm 119

Have you ever read Psalm 119?  It is the longest chapter in the Bible!  So most of us Otter types skip it!  It is a great chapter though!  The chapter is divided into sections, each one corresponding to each letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  This morning as I read God impressed upon my heart a challenge to do the same thing with the English alphabet.  We'll see how this goes.  Here begins my Psalm 119...

Abiding Lord, keep me abiding,
remaining and continuing with You, whatever comes my way.
A- Accepting everything I have is from God and it represents everything I need.
B- Believe that God walks with me, therefore I am never alone.
I- In and through His Spirit, I can do all things set before me...so why go anywhere else?
D- Decide to stay under, in and surrounded by the love of God.
E- Enduring together with my Savior whatever comes...
Father, you have called me to abide in you, to remain in Your love and live in it
obeying your commandments.
You have asked me to do this so that
Your joy and delight
may be 
in me.
Thank you Lord for your amazing love!
Help me to see You
Help me to remain.

(John 15:9-11) 

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